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Peace Of Mind For One Of Life's Biggest Investments:
The Place You Call Home.

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Peace Of Mind For One Of Life's Biggest Investments: The place you call home.

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Texas Title’s title plant is located in Frisco, Texas. We operate multiple direct branch locations and are licensed in 48 counties (consisting of 90% of the state’s population) in Texas. Texas Title also closes transactions through numerous fee attorney locations throughout the State of Texas.

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At Texas Title, our business is to provide title insurance to our customers, understand your requirements and deliver your title policy on time, every time.

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Learn from industry leading experts and instructors in a variety of different verticals. Our on-demand courses are available today to help you learn anytime, anywhere. 


Texas Title Services

At Texas Title, we recognize that each lender, realtor, borrower, or homeowner is different. We focus on creating customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients, utilizing technology and attention to the experience as a basis for our services.

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Our intuitive fee calculator allows you to select your policies for Home Purchase, Commercial, Refinance or Home Equity, Non-Owner Occupied Loan in less than 30 seconds.

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