Claude Rich

Claude Rich co-founded Texas Title in 2013 with Bob Karlseng, a venture long in the making. Prior to starting Texas Title, Claude learned the title business as a fee attorney for various agents, including Capital Title of Texas. His experience ranges from providing real estate advice to corporate formation and counseling clients on how to best establish their businesses. He does not shy away from helping employees succeed in their duties, which includes shipping the occasional file. He is also responsible for overseeing Texas Title’s operations, provides continuing education through Texas Title University, recruiting, and company expansion.

Recently, he has taken an interest in cyber-security and continuing his education in matters that affect the real estate industry. Claude meets with realtors and brokers on a monthly basis, teaching them what to look out for and relaying new trends affecting the industry. He is also an active member of Texas State Bar and attends other various continuing education seminars on a regular basis.

Claude believes that customer experience is the most important part of a transaction. With this in mind, he takes pride in Texas Title’s employees who go above and beyond their duties to insure the customer experience is always of primary importance.

Claude and his wife Catia live in Dallas, and he enjoys spending time with his children on weekends and watching them play various sports. While not working, Claude enjoys playing the occasional round of golf and is currently training for a half-triathlon.

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