COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update: Texas Title has been deemed an essential business in the current COVID-19 situation. We remain open and are conducting business as usual with increased safety precautions. Below are our new protocols, in addition to the procedures that are already in place, that Texas Title will be following in all of our offices to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.


If you do not own a mask please do not enter the office. If available, we will provide you with one before entering.


All closings will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 


Signers, agents, and loan officers are the only parties that may attend the closing. We ask that no children, family members, or friends are brought to the closings. If this is unavoidable for our clients we will politely ask them to wait outside the office.


We will sit on opposite ends of the table during the closings and we will not pass the documents back and forth (all tables should be 6 feet long).

We will print 2 copies of the closing documents so we can discuss with the signing parties from afar and will set an additional copy of the documents in front of the signers. 

We will explain and go over any questions regarding the documents that our client may have from a distance.

We will immediately wash our hands and use hand sanitizer or wipes before and after each closing, as well as thoroughly sanitizing the closings rooms.

All Texas Title offices are equipped with plexiglass dividers to provide additional protection and separation between the closer and the client(s).


Request a “curbside closing” with your escrow officer on your scheduled closing date. Look for the Texas Title closing area outside and park your car. Call the office from your car once parked, and your escrow officer will come to meet you. Your escrow officer will bring your documents to you to sign and confirm your ID. Your escrow officer will review the documents, make your copies and will bring them back out to you.


Texas Title University has moved all in-person continuing education classes to our online, on-demand platform or live webinars.

View our on-demand courses and watch training videos on your time.

View upcoming LIVE classes via Zoom.

texas title covid-19 updatee

texas title covid-19 update