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Underwriting Q & A

Q: Are there any tricks when a title agent needs information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding a party to a real estate transaction? A: Earlier this year, the IRS instituted a new identity verification process requiring third parties calling on behalf of a taxpayer to verify their identity by providing personal information such […]

Do You Have Home Improvement Envy? You’re Not Alone

Have you found yourself longingly peering into the yard next door to check out their new water feature only to start drawing up the blueprints for your own a week later? If you answered yes, turns out you’re just one of the many who experience jealousy—and a little competitive drive—over others’ home improvement projects. In […]

The Hottest Markets in June 2018: What Happens When They Get Too Hot? Summer, thank you for finally getting here! (Actually, according to astronomy, we just passed the height of summer, but that seems unfair to those locations where the warm season has only just begun in earnest.) Between days of lazing on the beach, gorging at backyard barbecues, and escaping to vacations, house hunters are getting serious. After […]

4th of July Events in North Texas

Addison Addison Kaboom Town July 3 – Addison Circle Park Allen USA Celebration June 30 – Celebration Park Arlington July 4th Fest June 30 – July 4 – Six Flags Light Up Arlington July 3 – Downtown Arlington Bedford 4th Fest Independence Day Celebration July 4 – Boys Ranch Park […]

What Buyers Need to Know About the Latest Crop of Brand-New Homes

fstop123/iStock Home buyers hoping for new construction are in luck—the most brand-new, single-family houses have hit the market since the Great Recession. The number of these never-been-lived-in abodes, 795,000, jumped 7.7% from 2016 to 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau report on the 2017 Characteristics of New Housing. The median square footage was up ever so slightly […]

11 Deal-Killing Home Staging Mistakes Even Experienced Realtors Make

They may love you, but they’re all liars. Your spouse, your mother, your best friend from college… Liars. Sure, they have a good reason to lie, but they’re still lying. After all, they know you worked HARD and spent a ton of money staging your listing. The last thing they want to do is crush […]

How to Negotiate During Your Next Home Purchase

Buying a house is the biggest financial decision you will ever make, and you want to make sure you get the best price. Here are some smart tips and tricks to help you feel more comfortable and confident at the bargaining table. Get your finances in order. Your offer isn’t likely to resonate with a seller […]

Easy Summer DIY Weekend Home Projects

The days are longer in the summer, offering more sunlight and more time to spend sprucing up your home! It’s the perfect time of year for quick fixes and DIY weekend home projects. Gather the family for a fun weekend of restoring something old, repairing something broken or creating something new for your home. All […]

What To Watch in Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate in 2018

Timing the cycle is anyone’s guess. But a robust pipeline and emerging trends tell us what the real estate industry will be watching closely in 2018. BY JULIA BUNCH PUBLISHED IN D CEO REAL ESTATE ANNUAL 2018 SMS Amazon’s HQ2 The real estate world lost its collective mind in September, when Amazon released a request for proposals for […]

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