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Texas Title was formed in 2013, but was years in the making.  Robert Karlseng and Claude Rich identified the need for a Texas Title agency that focused on the core values that made their Fee Office, Karlseng, LeBlanc & Rich, LLC, successful. In addition, after years of being fee attorneys and being treated as a second rate business, they formed Texas Title with an eye towards catering to the fee attorney model, a model that is seldom appreciated by the larger agents.

Our staff has been together for over a decade serving the lending community in Texas and operating in the fee attorney framework.  Alana Sidener brings years of managing Karlseng, LeBlanc & Rich’s fee attorney operations, and now has taken over the helm of our fee manager in an effort to provide our fee attorneys with superior service and recognition.

Our value proposition rests in the way that we focus on providing services customized to our clients with the recognition that each lender is different in their workflow methodology. We recognized the timing of a request for expanded service is an opportunity to grow a relationship and help our valued customers be successful.

By adding our national footprint, through an affiliate company, we can provide both our lender clients and our fee attorney network with access to multi-state transactions allowing for a broader customer base.  By providing an all-in-one closing platform, our customers and fee attorney can focus on growing their business without worrying about customer service and corporate operations soliciting their clients.

Licensed in 44 counties in Texas, we provide a large footprint for our customers and our fee attorney network.  Examination and production of title commitments is centralized through our Frisco, Texas office.  In addition, due to our years in the business (through our fee operations Karlseng, LeBlanc & Rich), we have forged partnerships with out of county title companies to help in providing timely title production.

Texas continues to be  a challenge for most of the national closing companies not licensed in Texas. We consider it our sweet spot for service and expertise. We have the solutions for large metropolitan areas as well as small rural counties. By cutting our teeth in Texas, we offer a unique opportunity to both our clients and to our fee attorney network.

Because we are a privately held enterprise our resources are not conditioned on quarterly results or shareholder equity. While the national market is in retreat we are moving forward to identify those lenders, fee attorneys and closers that are focused on growing their footprint outside of the local market they serve. Whether your office closes 100 transactions a month or 10 transactions a month, our focus stays the same.  Your demands and needs are our concern and priority.

We hope that you will call us and give us an opportunity to show why we are quickly becoming “the most recognized name in Title,” either through closing your next transaction, or by becoming our next fee attorney.   We look forward to working with you soon.

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